What constitutes a GOOD Astrologer?

That's a good and relevant question! In my opinion:
  • A good Astrologer is said to be 70-90% accurate. No Astrologer is infallible--but those should be your guidelines.

  • Will do the necessary WORK to do a good job. At my first Astrological conference, I booked a reading with a big name Astrologer (for a hefty fee). He didn't even LOOK at my Chart before I arrived.

  • Will be PROFESSIONAL. If they say they'll deliver your reading on a specific day--they do!

  • Will NOT foster unhealthy dependencies, aka, say things like "Don't make any decisions until you consult with me!" In general, a new client will have a Natal Reading (who am I?) and typically come back annually for an Annual Forecast (what does the year hold for me). That's the most common scenario. Once in a while a client will have a pressing issue during the year (aka, should we buy this car, or will this new relationship last?) Or maybe a Relocation Chart, aka, would moving to another City work out? In other words, I'll typically work with a client once a year or so. Sometimes I might not hear from a customer for a few years...That's most common.

  • Will NOT force decisions upon you or bully you or make you feel small and insecure. If your Astrologer pushes their opinions upon you, then you might consider looking elsewhere. Astrology is inherently non-judgemental.

  • Be compassionate.

  • Be completely confidential with a client's information.

  • Of the good astrologers I've encountered, all were "well-schooled". True, not all Astrologers are college educated, but you will probably fare better with one who has a proven academic track record--Astrology is very difficult to learn. Consider the Astrologers in the Bible were called the "Wise Men", because it takes intelligence and schooling. Secondly? These people could be working professionally in another field. If they're not? It's because they love what they do.

  • Never bounce your question back at you. They will answer it to the best of their knowledge and neither sugar coat it, nor over dramatize it. I've been to Astrological conventions and seen what I would only term as "hypnotic" people with intense eyes. Ask them a question, any question, and it's back at you. You will feel like you are being probed, sized up, analyzed--NOT answered. If you're getting creepy vibes? Trust your gut!

  • Never ask for any money beyond the consultation.

  • Ask an Astrologer their Rising Sign, their Sun Sign and their Moon Sign...You'll get a feel for the type of Astrologer you're getting. If they can't answer that? Run away! (I am Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn)

  • In my experience Astrologers fall into 3 buckets--the Scorpionic Astrologers, who tend to be intense. I believe they're into astrology because they love to see what makes people "tick", they're essentially astro-pyschologists. Since Scorpio rules money, they will also be the most concerned with it. Scorpio is the most feared sign in the Zodiac, so in my opinion, use a little caution with them. Then there are the Virgoan Astrologers who love to "analyze" data. Your Chart is essentially a puzzle of "data" they love to unlock. Lastly, and least common, are the Uranian types. They are very opinionated, not the warmest of souls, oftimes erratic and scattered, but can be quite brilliant.