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Moon - Caring, Mom, Food, Home, Family, New Beginnings
Sun - Ego, Will, Loyalty, Fun, Children, Romance
Mercury - Messages, Documents, Young Children, Autos
Venus - Love, Beauty, Luxury, Charm, Style
Mars - Anger, Energy, Winning, Courage, Physical Prowess
Jupiter - Good Fortune, Protection, Generosity, Judgement, Expansive, Jovial
Saturn - Sorrow, Hard work for what feels like little reward, Burdens, Worry, Fear
Uranus - The Unexpected, Lightning, Storms, Earthquakes, Humanitarianism, Science, Brilliance
Neptune - Illusion, Deception, Substance Abuse, Spirituality, Charity
Pluto - Death, Taxes, Power, Wealth, Obsession

Horary Reading - Asking a Specific Question

Do you have a pressing question you need an answer to quickly? Often these are "yes/no" questions, such as "Will Johnny be convicted?" or "Should I marry this person", or "Why did my boyfriend ghost me?". These charts are also the standard astrological technique for finding missing objects and/or people, such as "Where are those papers?" or "Where is my missing employee?", etc.

Most people want to know ASAP, so I typically leave a little room in my schedule for these. In general, I should have a written answer to you within about 1 business day.

Once in a while, the "cosmos" isn't willing to answer. It's pretty rare, but it does happen. If that's the case, I'll refund your money. In general, you can ask the question once every 6 months or so. Repetitively asking the same question is generally inaccurate.

You Do NOT need birth information for this reading. It's based upon the exact moment the Astrologer understands your question.

You must be over 18 to order a Chart reading or have written parental consent.

ORDER on ETSY: $75

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