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Moon - Caring, Mom, Food, Home, Family, New Beginnings
Sun - Ego, Will, Loyalty, Fun, Children, Romance
Mercury - Messages, Documents, Young Children, Autos
Venus - Love, Beauty, Luxury, Charm, Style
Mars - Anger, Energy, Winning, Courage, Physical Prowess
Jupiter - Good Fortune, Protection, Generosity, Judgement, Expansive, Jovial
Saturn - Sorrow, Hard work for what feels like little reward, Burdens, Worry, Fear
Uranus - The Unexpected, Lightning, Storms, Earthquakes, Humanitarianism, Science, Brilliance
Neptune - Illusion, Deception, Substance Abuse, Spirituality, Charity
Pluto - Death, Taxes, Power, Wealth, Obsession


  • We do NOT (and never have) shared client information beyond what may be required by law.

  • All personal consultations are confidential.

  • All payments are accepted via secure, PayPal transactions. We ONLY accept PayPal payments at this time. PayPal can handle almost any financial transaction, no matter the source.

  • Upon receipt of payment, we will discuss the logistics of your reading, such as my next available slot. I will follow up with a few questions after payment is received and to verify any information provided. Please check your Spam Filter if you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours! I will attempt to contact you twice. If after 2-3 business days, and no reply is received, your purchase will be cancelled. You can, of course, reorder if you like.

  • The limit of my liability is the price of the reading.

  • I will hold your timeslot for three business days in lieu of payment or non-response to emails. After that, the time slot will be released to other clients.

  • I do my best on readings, however, please realize I am wrong sometimes. Even Edgar Cayce was only 80% accurate.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to order a reading. I will do children's readings with their parents written permission.

  • I will always ask if a client prefers "honesty". I sometimes see difficult things in the chart. If you are not comfortable with this, please let me know and I'll adjust my reading to only talk about "good" stuff I see.

  • I am not a doctor or a financial advisor and generally shy away from these questions. It is forbidden by law, in most states, to predict death, so I am unable to answer such questions.

  • You can check out a brief BIO HERE

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