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Moon - Caring, Mom, Food, Home, Family, New Beginnings
Sun - Ego, Will, Loyalty, Fun, Children, Romance
Mercury - Messages, Documents, Young Children, Autos
Venus - Love, Beauty, Luxury, Charm, Style
Mars - Anger, Energy, Winning, Courage, Physical Prowess
Jupiter - Good Fortune, Protection, Generosity, Judgement, Expansive, Jovial
Saturn - Sorrow, Hard work for what feels like little reward, Burdens, Worry, Fear
Uranus - The Unexpected, Lightning, Storms, Earthquakes, Humanitarianism, Science, Brilliance
Neptune - Illusion, Deception, Substance Abuse, Spirituality, Charity
Pluto - Death, Taxes, Power, Wealth, Obsession

Using Astrology to Find Your Luck: What Works?

1st Edition, by K. C. Powers

What does a Lottery Winner's Natal Chart look like? This book presents the results of an Astrological Study of winners of more than $250,000 in a single event. It also takes a look at what aspects and planets were active at the time of wins of more than several hundred times the amount wagered. Using a database of lucky wins, astrological planets/aspects were examined. This book details what Transits, Solar Arcs and Progressions are best at triggering "fortunate events". There is also a section on Numerology and for the enterprising Astrologer, a Do-It-Yourself section with examples. As Reviewed in Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Feb/Mar 2010 Issue


  • "Thank you for a great book." Neville Lang, Technical Directory, Astrolabe (Solar Fire), 1994-2007.

  • Listed as "Daves Top 10 Astrology Books on Money",, June 2012.

  • "Powers writes about her personal discoveries--and shares hard data--in a friendly and casual style." Mary Plumb, Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Feb/Mar 2010 Issue.

  • An instant Astrological Bestseller!" Laura Berger, M.A. Archaeology, Glasgow University.

  • Your book...deeply impressed. M.

If ordering a Digital copy, please allow up to 24 hours for email delivery. If ordering the "hard copy" version, we will ship your book within 1-2 business days.


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