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Moon - Caring, Mom, Food, Home, Family, New Beginnings
Sun - Ego, Will, Loyalty, Fun, Children, Romance
Mercury - Messages, Documents, Young Children, Autos
Venus - Love, Beauty, Luxury, Charm, Style
Mars - Anger, Energy, Winning, Courage, Physical Prowess
Jupiter - Good Fortune, Protection, Generosity, Judgement, Expansive, Jovial
Saturn - Sorrow, Hard work for what feels like little reward, Burdens, Worry, Fear
Uranus - The Unexpected, Lightning, Storms, Earthquakes, Humanitarianism, Science, Brilliance
Neptune - Illusion, Deception, Substance Abuse, Spirituality, Charity
Pluto - Death, Taxes, Power, Wealth, Obsession

Natal Chart (Birth) Analysis

At the very instant of your birth, the stars were in a certain alignment, this alignment being very personal to YOU. Astrologers believe this details a "road map" of what you incarnated to experience and learn about in your life. This reading talks about "who you are" and discusses your strengths and weaknesses as well as a general overview by house, which includes career, love, money, etc. If anything is pressing in your life at the moment--let me know, and I'll be sure to focus there.

I have a "reading style", so I'll spend a few hours analyzing and studying your chart, then record what I see and send you a link to the recording. These recordings are typically around 40-60 minutes. You can then follow up with a few questions, if you like.

Once I receive your Order, I'll contact you for your Date of Birth, Time of Birth (off a Birth Certificate is best) and Place of Birth. At that time, we'll schedule an appointment.

You must be over 18 to order a Chart reading or have written parental consent.

I ask all clients if they prefer honesty--I can surely sugar coat difficulties in the chart, if you choose.

ORDER on ETSY: $199

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